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Hop Bines or Hop Vines?
are 10 foot trails (3.0m) of natural foliage and decorative hops
( Also known as hop garlands / hop ropes /hop bines /hop swags /hop strings ). The bines can be bought Fresh in August/September or Dried in the Autumn through to May.

Fresh Hop Bines
are stunning when hung as a natural fresh foliage. The sales season for these fresh cut bines is short and lasts from mid August through to late September (See Order Fresh tab above). Once hung they will eventually dry naturally in situ. We artificially dry some of the fresh bines in September so that availability as a Hop Bine is greatly increased through to the following spring (see Dried Hop Bines below)

Dried Hop Bines
will give you a wonderful natural green foliage for Autumn and Christmas decoration. The bines or vines are ready for hanging in the months following the harvest in late August. Once you have hung the bine it will retain its best condition for up to a year whilst the colours will mellow delightfully in time. You can keep them though for much longer.

Dried Hop Bines are seasonal but you can normally purchase up until May.
(See Order Dried tab above).

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